Here is a brief synopsis on each of the Chakra centers and how they work.  When an experience arises that creates a reaction within us, ask yourself how you are feeling? This will help you locate the chakra that is out of balance and needs healing.

The chakras are energy vortices that pull energy in from our environment and also send out energy. They are cylindrical and cone shaped. The Front Chakras are the giving centers, (what we give to the world) the Back Chakras are the receiving centers, (what we receive individually for the self).  If we are having difficulties with our chakras, we will have difficulty in our lives. Our chakras will literally pull events, situations and/or people to us “like magnets” who have the same kind of chakra distortions working within them, so we can learn from each other.  Like attracts like, and we will be reflecting distorted chakras and energies back & forth to each other.

Likewise, opposites attract as well if you have somewhat of a balanced chakra system meaning your kundalini has risen, you have activated the light within you, which means you are a Lightworker/healer  and people having very distorted chakras may be both attracted or repelled by you. Those who are attracted to you, are sincere and desire to heal, they understand that sometimes uncomfortable and dramatic experiences may be felt in the presence of a light/worker and the clearing they’re going through.

However, for those who do not wish to heal, which means they are not ready to accept responsibility for their lives as yet, they will absolutely detest being in your presence and may even respond to you in a very negative, energetically explosive way because you are bringing things up in them they are not ready to deal with.  However, for the most part we are attracting situations and events in our lives that reflect back to us our own issues and distortions within our own chakra system.  If your kundalini has been awakened, and has risen to the crown then you may have two areas you need to discern, attraction because it is your own lesson or perhaps you are assisting others with their lessons and healing.

ROOT CHAKRA:   This is the chakra that brings out feelings of fear, lack of trust, not wanting to be here anymore.  When these feelings arise, we withdraw our Spirit from the body, becoming ungrounded, leaving us feeling spacey in a dream- like state (the ethers) trying to escape physicality.  This can become an issue if we don’t slow down, breathe & meditate.  It’s helpful to use some type of sound instrument in meditation, to help quiet the white noise/chatter in our minds, whether with a CD or Live Tuning Forks, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls or having one to play.  Just 10 minutes a day at the end of the day, you’ll notice a positive change.   If left unattended, can bring on scattered energy, loosing focus in the moment and over-reactive even create more karma for ourselves.  Also it can leave us vulnerable and susceptible to like-minded, hence angry situations or people. We can assist this chakra by getting in touch with the physical body through exercise, and healthy habits.  Focus your energy on people, places and things that nurture, creating a sense of safety and well-being.  Fear filled events, movies, fearful spiritual/religious beliefs and interactions etc… will keep our root chakra out of balance.

SACRAL: Feeling overly emotional, confused, secretive, disconnected to others and overindulgent in areas of life such as with food, sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping etc… We also may feel anti-sexual and shut down our beautiful life force/sexual energies leading to depression. The sacral feelings all point to repressed emotions that need to be brought to the surface to be healed and released; we do this by feeling these emotions.  Allow the self to go there, journaling and feeling the emotions will help dissolve the shadow of the secrets/things we don’t want to deal with, so we can gain more light.

SOLAR PLEXUS: Feeling controlling, manipulative, angry, always needing to be busy (which is an escape from dealing with our inner stuff), competitive, needing to be right. This chakra can go in the other direction as well, leaves us feeling powerless, weak, passive, low energy.  We can help heal this chakra by accepting responsibility for ourselves, by taking back our self-power and allow others to think and be who they are, focus on the self.  We also need to heal our inner anger.  We have been told anger is bad so we store it.  Find a healthy way to release angry energy in the energy field, without hurting another; otherwise we attract angry people to us, igniting that anger within.  This is a prompt for us to heal it.

 HEART CHAKRA:   We need to manifest love for our self, so the love we are able to give to others is real.  Feeling unloved and unlovable we cannot truly give to others what we have not already created for ourselves.  If we are feeling betrayed, depressed, critical, and jealous and feel we are not deserving of self- nurturing or self- love, this is a prompt this chakra is out of balance. When we forgive ourselves any faults past or present we are able to naturally forgive others because we realize we are each here learning difficult lessons, oftentimes through difficult situations. Forgiveness is a huge lesson of the heart chakra, but so is setting healthy boundaries out of self-love with those who are stuck in the chaos and drama of life.  Sometimes we may need to forgive and love from a distance self-love and self-preservation.   Our energy and vibrational frequency is our responsibility. Use your heart to discern your feelings what feels light and right for you, may not be for another.  That’s ok!

THROAT CHAKRA: We cannot speak our truth if we are feeling we are not heard. Speaking with words of love, this is key! If all other chakras are out of balance, we may be speaking with the energy of fear, emotional imbalance and anger, no one will want to listen, with this kind of energy being projected.  We need to learn how to speak in a balanced, grounded, thoughtful, loving manner.  In order for us to have our throat chakra needs met, we need to learn how to speak, and how to listen, so people will hear.  We need to be aware of the vibrational frequency we are emitting with the power of our voice.   Convenient silence serves no one, especially our own energy field.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA: Feelings of no imagination, feeling disconnected to reality like we are not validated, disconnected/detached to our higher guidance and unable to see things from a higher perspective.  Meditation, releases fear in a healthy manner and tuning into our inner wisdom, will help us heal this chakra.

CROWN CHAKRA: Feeling confused, disconnected, nervous, insensitive, uninspired, and disconnected to the Earth and the Creator.   Meditation and healing the lower chakras helps us to open the crown chakra, which will help us feel more connected, loving and compassionate with others. Meditation will also help us balance the central nervous system and open us up to our higher guidance.