How often to receive Biofield Tuning

Similar to Chiropractic Care, it is dependent on each individual.  It’s like peeling back an onion, as this is cumulative stuck energy.  We work in the Biofield (or Aura), and find static charges and incoherence in the field as far back as Utero.  By lifting the distortion frequencies back to one’s own unique frequency, integrating it through the system, balance and entrainment is restored.  So depending on how much trauma one experiences either, physically or emotionally in life, constitutes how often one should receive sessions and for how long.    The suggested rule of thumb, initially 3 full hour sessions once a week for 3 weeks, then break.  This gives the body a chance to adapt, clear and balance.  At such time watch for signs, little signals the next month or 2, your body will let you know when it’s in need again for another Tune-Up.  Anxiety, Stressed, Worry, Angry, Excessively tired for no apparent reason, Brain fog etc… We measure the Biofield at about 5 to 6 feet in width on either side of the body.   Although we are infinite Beings and are much more expansive, we are using linear time to measure timeline occurrences.

The body is a unique instrument; it gives us signs when we are in need of a “Tune-Up”.  For instance, a person experiencing a divorce at 35 years of age and starts having Biofield Tuning sessions at 42.  The timeline we find the distortion or incoherence in their field is present day, which would be found close to the physical body in the Biofield, rather than the outer edge of their field.  Another example, when one experiences a loss thru death at the age of 10 years old, the timeline we find this distortion or incoherence would be near the outer edge of the Biofield away from the physical body.

This process helps assist in the release of fear and anger which can lead to incoherent frequencies in the field. We have 2 bodies, Biofield (Electromagnetic, Aura, Etheric etc…)  and Physical.  A depleted field will slow the body down, although there may not be pathological disease present.  The energy field acts like a blueprint of the physical body, sooner or later an out of sync Biofield field will create problems in the physical body.  It makes sense to correct imbalances `before’ becoming a physical condition.