This Segment; Biofield Tuning Brain Wave States
Sherry discusses Brain Wave States,
The History of Tuning Forks and the method she practices…


This Segment; The Melchizedek Method
Sherry introduces us to the Melchizedeck Method.
This ancient healing modality has been around longer than Reiki and
she describes some of the inner workings with sacred  geometry and layering.


This Segment
Sherry talks about her own personal experiences in the
healing arts that moved her along her path.



This Segment
Sherry introduces us to the Reiki Energy Method
and the Melchizedeck Method, two ancient healing arts
alternative to sound balancing



This Segment
Sherry describes some of the key tools in her
metaphysical healing tool chest, such as Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls,
Tuning Forks, a Zen Tambour and Soft Chimes


This Segment
Sherry reveals how she began her study of
tuning forks and later,
discusses some of the basic mechanics behind the
benefits in sound healing


Pilot Segment
In this first segment; host Sherry announces some exciting volunteer
opportunities for her TV program, Sherry’s Metaphysical Corner
and later gives us a glimpse into the world of energy healing