Melchizedek/Metatronic Energy Practitioner

The Melchizedek Method is much more than a Light Body activation healing and rejuvenation technique.  It’s a whole new formula for body health, harmony and spiritual ascension.”  The techniques in this Method are unique and unlike any other.  This method uses a particular sequence called: KL Formula
(meaning; Kadmon Light Formula). Kadmon the name for Light Body.

This field of energy is made up of 33 layers having a Color & Vibration attached to it.  Each group is represented by Color & Vibration frequencies and is organized by a particular Angel or Light Being. In this method, these Light Beings lower their vibration and embrace us wherever we are on our personal journey.   Clearing the unconscious mind that creates lack, fear and discomfort dissolves at exactly the pace one can comfortably handle.

This works with;
The 4 Elements
Earth, Fire, Water, Air


The 4 Light Body Groups
1)Lower 8 bodies/of Earth-the Chakra Base
2)Cosmic 8 bodies/of Fire
3)Divine 8 Bodies/of Water
4)God-Illuminated 8 Bodies/of Air
The Kadmon Light Body field is made up of 33 layers, having a Color & Vibration attached to it.  So whichever sequence is needed by the person or monthly group healing I offer, this comes through to help the body repair.  This empowered state of conscious awareness which is our ultimate goal, can only be truly reached through awareness.  These frequencies and methods lead us toward the deep inner relationship that is vital to knowing self, to living in authentic power.  As we let go of what doesn’t work, we access more of what does and bring more of our true, clear Divine Self into embodiment uncovering our natural given gifts, talents and purpose.
1 Hour Melchizedek Session-$90
(Remote Energy Sessions also available)

Biofield Tuning Clinics
Clinic’s held on Location offer 20 minute mini Biofield Tuning sessions at $30 with Tuning Forks.  You can schedule appointments in advance if you wish, for a specific time that works best for that day. These Clinic programs are designed to help promote Holistic Health alternatives. These tools have been around since the 1700’s used for healing along with magnets. They clear the Biofield/Aura of built up static energy vibrations from traumas and challenges we experience through-out life, that have left a heavy (ripple/static) vibration in the field.  Dense, ripples of energy are lifted in frequency, bringing the body’s unique vibration into entrainment or harmony.  It’s simple and non-invasive method can produce profound and powerful outcomes, relieving physical trauma or injury and emotional effects of stress. It strengthens any healing process from chronic illness to emotional imbalance. It promotes relaxation and pain management, reducing anxiety and improving sleep, reduces brain fog, giving the recipient a great sense of well-being. People of all ages can benefit from these with every session.
20 minute Mini Biofield Tuning sessions-$30
*(not recommended for individuals with heart monitors/pacemakers)

Biofield Tuning Session
They offer audible acoustic frequencies to balance the body’s electrical system in the Biofield/Aura, clearing static energy which keeps us from moving forward on our path. These remarkable tools create entrainment or harmonizing of the body’s frequency pattern bringing order. They are like magnets, attracting and clearing away old vibrations trapped in the Biofield from traumas and challenges experienced in one’s life. We have 2 bodies, the Physical body and the Biofield/Aura body, they are connected, one cannot live without the other, so it’s equally as important to keep the Biofield clear and healthy!
(not recommended for individuals with heart monitors/pacemakers)
1 Hour Biofield Tuning Session-$90
1/2 Hour Biofield Tuning Session-$45
(Remote Energy Sessions also available)
*(not recommended for individuals with heart monitors/pacemakers)

Meditation Scanning
This tool is used in detecting integration energies in the system and their depth. This work is done in silence to connect with the Divine Source when an individual is in need of an energy session unsure what exactly it is he or she may need.
30 Minute Meditation Scanning-$45

During an energy session, I meditate briefly and tap into a doorway of the 4th dimension energy frequencies, to draw from for healing. This helps relieve a person of what ails them and helps facilitate a change in their vibration starting the Clearing process. Hands are placed and held for 3-5 minutes in non-evasive positions on the client’s head and torso as he/she lies comfortably, fully clothed on a massage table. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing with dim lighting and soothing music to contribute to a truly wonderful experience.
1 Hour Reiki/Energy Session-$90
(Remote Energy Sessions also available)

Animal Reiki
Service performed in the privacy of home for ailments such as; kidney problems, anxiety, abuse-trauma etc…
30 minute Session–$30

Crystal Bowls Group Gathering Session
I come to your home, be sure to bring yoga mat or blanket.
1 hour group session – $25/person (within 10 mile radius)
8 person minimum in attendance

Private Crystal Bowl Session
This service performed in a quiet, tranquil setting at the studio
1 hour Session – $90
(semi-private available for couples/$20 off)

Business Event on Location
(contact for more information)
$25pp within 10 mile travel distance $30 & up beyond

Other Therapies
Detox Foot Bath
1 Hour Session-$70
(not recommended for individuals with heart monitors/pacemakers)