Biofield Tuning
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Sound balancing w/Tuning Forks & Crystal Singing Bowls are modalities  using audible acoustic frequencies to balance the body’s electrical system.   They lift ones vibration clearing away stuck ripples of energy that were created thru challenges in one’s lifetime becoming dense and heavy.  By lifting the distortion frequencies in the Biofield/Aura back to one’s own unique frequency and integrating it through the system, balance and entrainment is restored. Tuning Forks have been around since the 1600’s used as medicinal healing tools as well as magnets.  Jammed energy creates pain and swelling. Working with this energy can speed healing and alleviate discomfort. Many people live in a constant state of tension that causes the adrenal glands to become overworked. By releasing unhealthy energetic connections from them and tuning the vibrations, the quality of life and health can be enhanced.  Relationships between people or people & their animal companions are also energy. Those energy connections can be tuned. This process can assist in the release of fear, anger and create more harmony.  We have 2 bodies, Etheric/Biofield & Physical.  A depleted field will slow the body down, although there may not be pathological disease present, the energy field acts like a blueprint of the physical body, sooner or later a depleted unbalanced field will create problems in the physical body. It makes sense to correct imbalances `before’ becoming a physical condition.

With Tuning Forks the tones change in pitch when moved around the body, in response to information they encounter.  Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are much the same but induces this on a broader spectrum as offered in a group setting.  Both are useful in places that are congested, such as muscle knots.   The audible frequencies are beneficial for balancing the nervous system, relaxing muscles and soft tissues.  A symptom in the body has a corresponding distortion within the field.  When a distortion is located, it can be corrected and brought to an orderly, balanced frequency pattern.   They are useful in places that are congested, such as muscle knots. The sound waves penetrate the body and create space between the molecules in a way that’s similar to the use of infrasonic frequencies, to break up kidney stones.

The Benefits
The audible frequencies are beneficial for balancing the nervous system, relaxing the muscles and soft tissues. Through this process, many symptoms from the physical to mental and emotional, diminish and resolve. A symptom in the body has a corresponding dissonance or distortion within the field. When this distortion is located, it can be corrected and brought to a more orderly and balanced frequency pattern through the process of entrainment- or the overtaking of the dissonant frequency pattern by the harmonious frequency pattern produced. Thus the process is beneficial for a broad spectrum of disorders. Sensations you may experience may include: Tingling, Well-being, Sleepiness, Heat, Heaviness. Everyone experiences Energy Work differently. Issues where we have seen beneficial results include, “but not limited to”:

After Effects of Biofield Tuning w/Tuning Forks
It is a good idea to take Epsom salt baths after these sessions, this work can be detoxifying and baths help to neutralize.  If you don’t have a bathtub a foot bath can also be helpful or a good long hot shower.  Detox can look like headaches, ​flu-like symptoms, irritability, waves of emotion, loose stools and/or fatigue. It is important to remember that this is muck coming out of your system and to do your best to rest and stay hydrated until it passes.  Bear in mind that this work is cumulative and works in layers and have found the more you do it the more you benefit.  The benefits are different for everyone, but generally one feels lighter, has less brain fog, will have more energy, relaxed and a general sense of well-being


1 Hour Sessions $89 available in Remote session
(clients in California, Mississippi, Australia, Vermont, New Jersey)
1/2 Hour Sessions $45
(can be used on animals)

1 hour
1/2 hr