Melchizedek/Metatronic Energy Method 
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After working with Reiki Energy vibration for years, I realized Reiki energy opened the door to bring through many higher frequencies of healing, Melchizedek Metatronic Energy Lineage is what I was called to move forward with.  They lower their vibration and embrace us wherever we are on our personal journey.   

The Melchizedek Energy similar to Reiki, but one taps into the 5th dimension vibration of understanding, Universal Divine Knowledge.  This method of energy balancing, uses a whole new formula for clearing and balancing.  This work is very old and was taught to Jesus by his teacher Melchizedek, when he was offering his healing’s to the masses.  This method of energy balancing is much older than Reiki, and uses a different formula for clearing and balancing than Reiki, with sacred geometry. The Melchizedek Method is much more than a Light Body activation healing and rejuvenation technique.  It’s a whole new formula for body health, harmony and spiritual ascension.  The techniques in this Method are unique and unlike any other.  This method uses a particular sequence called: KL Formula (meaning; Kadmon Light Formula). Kadmon is another name for Light Body.

This works with;
The 4 Elements
Earth, Fire, Water, Air


The 4 Light Body Groups
1)Lower 8 bodies/of Earth-the Chakra Base
2)Cosmic 8 bodies/of Fire
3)Divine 8 Bodies/of Water
4)God-Illuminated 8 Bodies/of Air
The Kadmon Light Body field is made up of 33 layers, having a Color & Vibration attached to it.  So whichever sequence is needed by the person or group healing I do monthly, this comes through to help the body repair.  Removes old paradigms, balances and heals itself on a much deeper level. And for those that have trouble pronouncing this name Melchizedek, Mel-Keys-adeck.  This field of energy within and around us is the Kadman Light Body or Hologram. This field of energy is made up of 33 layers having a Color & Vibration attached to it.

So as we continue, each group is represented by Color & Vibration frequencies and is organized by the Angelic Realm;  Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Light Beings.  Chakra Energy Centers run up and down the front and back of the spine. They are cylindrical cone shaped and are like an open vortex of spinning energy! The front centers are known as the GIVING CENTERS, sending energy out to others. The back centers are known as the RECEIVING CENTERS, receiving energy for the self. So that’s where the balance comes in of GIVING & RECEIVING!  We need to maintain balance in these centers. The back energy coming thru these centers is called; The Shree-Yantra Spherical Flow

 we use Sacred Geometry using a Mer-Ka-bah & an Om-Ka-bah, these being the Flower of Life Holograms.   As we move along in this work and upgrade in vibration, the direction or flow of energy changes.  The Mer-ka-bah we bring in, flows in a left direction, the Om-ka-bah flows in a right direction.  We also work with the Pineal Gland in this method, it’s the only gland in the body that’s not connected to the nervous system; and responds only to frequency signal & Light.    So it’s kind of ironic that I’m involved in this particular Healing Modality & Sound Balancing instruments, they do complement each other!   And this particular modality wasn’t something I went looking for, it found me!

The Pineal Gland is very small and is the shape of a small pine cone and points toward the middle of the Brain.  As one awakens and opens up to Spiritual Awareness, the Pineal Gland begins to turn in an upward position and intuitive abilities and more, begin to fully open!  The Eye of Horus, it’s an Egyptian term. It Symbolizes the Pineal Gland.  There are Egyptian & Pleiadian ties to this.  When calcified, by using Fluoride, Chorine and more…we are unable to connect as readily to Divine Universal Source.  The Eye of Horus rests in the center of the Brain and is called the Pineal Gland.  It is the doorway to the Higher Realms and actually looks like an eye.   This cumulative healing works with the individual to transform life from the inside out.This healing work uses sacred geometry going deeper into the human body.

Clearing the unconscious mind that creates lack, fear and discomfort dissolves at exactly the pace one can comfortably handle. The energy body is cleared of confusion and heaviness with these high frequencies.   It awakens wisdom and the love frequency within, reconnecting with Divine Source.  As the imprint of old wounds and destructive patterns come to the surface of consciousness, they gently dissolve and leave, creating more space in conscious awareness.

This multidimensional healing process clears a person’s energy bodies; chakras, meridians and restores the bodies’ original Divine Blueprint, (DNA) drawing energies of God Source and the Earth. Together the highest frequency of love is used to heal the human physical and etheric spiritual bodies, returning them to a state of health, wellness and receptivity for healing rejuvenation.  This empowered state of conscious awareness which is our ultimate goal, can only be truly reached through awareness.  These frequencies and methods lead us toward the deep inner relationship that is vital to knowing self, to living in authentic power.  As we let go of what doesn’t work, we access more of what does and bring more of our true, clear Divine Self into embodiment uncovering our natural given gifts, talents and purpose….

1 hour Session
Cost: $90