*Cancellation Policy;  24 hour notice is required, cancellation fee’s are applied

Low vibration energy (entities) attachment is a low vibration frequency, lower than our own vibration.  This frequency is drawn to people with low vibration due to stress, anxiety, emotional trauma, fear, depression, substance abusers of alcohol or drugs, which could include young adults or children that have gone through emotional disturbances at a young age such as; physical abuse, emotional abuse, separation from parents through divorce or death, to name only a few.  That’s why it’s important to try integrating with a group or family life style of Sound Balancing w/Tuning Forks or Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Flutes, Harps, Meditation, Yoga, Classical music or some form of Energy Balancing/Healing as a means to keep the mind and body clear and to raise ones vibration.

And since these energies are only of gaseous material, they can also infiltrate electronic devices such as computers, movie theaters, televisions, cell phones etc…and in time tax our vibration and lower ones frequency.   People that are hoarders or disorganized and collect clutter in the home or office are helping to facilitate the entrance of these frequencies. They vibrate at a low frequency just as love, laughter and the Angelic Realm vibrate at a high frequency. Children can be vulnerable to this frequency, if there are problems in the home or with teachers at their school, even with their friends.  It’s a growing concern for Communities, Civic Groups & Families that have witnessed sudden physical, mental or spiritual changes.

With each individual, group or family situation being different, bringing people to understand how low frequency vibration works, can help to bring back balance and peace. This work is done Remotely not in an office, and is preferable to leave the dwelling briefly during a Clearing. Collectively a Clearer works with Divine Source and Pillars of Light to release low vibration frequencies completely from the individual, and also from the Earth plane vibration altogether.

Things to look for in a person if there is concern that something is a miss with an individual or group:

Eating disorders
Change in personality
High Anxiety
Digestive issues
Change in appearance
Body aches and pains
Anger or violent urges
Avoiding certain spaces in the home
Disconnecting from society
Lyme disease

This low vibration has it’s own knowing and will try to keep one from contacting an energy Clearer by keeping one confused, unproductive, fearful thoughts and convince them it’s just their imagination.   Fear being a strong vibration and is what low vibration (entities) thrive on to survive.  Staying positive, non-violent tv programs, prayer, soft meditation music etc… all help to keep these in check and at bay as they despise anything to do with Divine Light or Love frequencies.  In these cases, the energy exchange and removal is done remotely.  Keeping hearts and minds open to the Divine healing process and staying with positive thinking, free’s one of  fearful thoughts, and helps hold the balance in the space and person with Divine Light.  Disconnecting the low vibration frequency from an individual will begin the healing.  Continuing with follow-up visits may be needed as each person is different, some heal more quickly than others.

Energy disconnect begins at $145 per hour
Follow up visits to repair and balance $89