Structure Energy Detachment
*Cancellation Policy;  24 hour notice is required, cancellation fee’s are applied

Low vibration frequencies  are drawn to structures, buildings, bridges, etc…with low vibration due to our surroundings, climate or environment having been weakened.  Divine energy does not discriminate, this vibration frequency is always of help to mankind no matter what your status or ethnic heritage and is for everyone, unlike low vibration frequencies their purpose is keep a person down, depressed, unproductive, keeping one in brain fog.  This frequency will find any way to take advantage and control of a building, structure, bridge etc… There is no rime or reason why this vibration would work it’s way into a happy normal household or business.   In some cases where enormous construction work has been done to a new corporate site or new home construction, they may have inadvertently unearthed  and opened a Vortex or Portal on the property.

Portals & Vortex’s are doorways or tunnels to other dimensions within our own.  As it is the purpose of the Angelic Realm to ONLY  be of  assistance helping us on  our journey, raising our vibrations helping all to rise above with compassion and love, bringing us back to the Divine Vibration.  It is also the purpose of the lower vibration frequencies to keep us down, depressed, angry, confused,  lowering vibrations when ever possible and in some cases destroying properties.

There are many Clearer’s on this plane working to help, but the difference with this particular type of Clearing, the clearer’s are gifted with an impenetrable  shield of protection within and around them, unlike anything we could conceive of here.  It is not seen with the naked eye, but is absolute Divine Power, Love & Light frequency, along with the 7 Rays of Light and Pillars of Light.  The Clearer not only removes the low vibration frequency completely, they remove it from this plane of vibration, back to the Divine Realm for transmutation or to the lower realms if not ready for transmutation.  The Divine has given them decree to close these doorways, bringing back healing and balance to the land & building structure.

Working with Divine Guidance involves Ascended Masters, Archangels and Light Beings. Meditating on a daily basis continues the streaming energy from the Divine in connecting vibrationally to receive the guidance needed to help them help us complete the clearing process at any site.  The Divine Realm needs our help as much as we need theirs in this work, bringing the Divine Energies through the individual directly to utilize.

This work is also done remotely and usually within 1 1/2 hours time frame $200
$50.00 will be added to any location beyond a 1 hour radius.