Clinic’s are held at Wellness Centers, Chiropractors & Yoga Studio’s.
Clinic’s consist of EDUCATING and RECEIVING a 20 minute mini session of Biofield Tuning.
Which is clearing and balancing of the Biofield (Aura) around the body w/Tuning
Forks on each attendee. Working on both the left and right side (Yin & Yang) then grounding.
Schedule appointments in advance for a specific time that works best for you that day.

Clinic Options:
Full day/7 hours (10-6)
1/2 day 4 hours (10-2 or 2-6/8 person minimum)
20 minute min sessions $30
(1 hr $89 & 1/2 hr $45 sessions available)

  Tuning Forks use audible acoustic frequencies to balance the body’s electrical system.
These tools have been around since the 1700’s used for healing along with magnets. Biofield Tuning can
relieve the physical and emotional effects of stress.  It strengthens any healing process from chronic illness to emotional
imbalance. It promotes relaxation and pain management, reducing anxiety and improving sleep, reduces brain fog,
giving the recipient a greater sense of well-being.

People of all ages benefit from these with every session. This process is to help clear, balance and harmonize the Biofield,
bringing it back to neutrality from traumas and challenges that have left a heavy (ripple/static) vibration in the field.  Everything is in
a constant state of vibration, even if we can’t see it, it exists.  Dense ripples of energy are lifted in frequency,
bringing the body’s unique vibration into entrainment or harmony. Working with these  can speed healing
and alleviate discomfort. By releasing unhealthy energetic connections, the quality of life and health can be enhanced.

(fee’s dependent on travel distance)
Sherry designs Clinic programs to help promote Holistic Health alternatives