Tuning fork sessions with Sherry are the most powerful healing experiences I have had in my life.  For my first session, I hoped to clear blockage in my relationship with my 24 year old daughter.  We had a good relationship, but sometimes strained.  Just a few days after the tuning forks session with Sherry, my daughter remarked to me that she was sorry for the grief she had caused me and that she was grateful for all that I do for her.  Wow!  The blocks and karma just melted away.  In my second session with Sherry, I intended to clear blockages in my career and life purpose.  I knew from the previous session that I would have to schedule the session on a day I had off work, because the sessions are intense and my body must detox for a day – it is an amazing experience.  Just a few days after that session, my mind and attitude about my career and life purpose just made a profound shift.  Nothing external happened, but my perspective shifted and allowed me to see that I am already successful and am on my path.  A sense of peace about my career now has allowed me to enjoy each day and observe the blessings.  I am truly amazed that remote tuning fork healing is so intense and so profound.
Denver, CO
Feb 2018

My journey with Sherryl started in January 2018 after watching one of her very instructional videos with Tuning Forks (God Bless for this! ) a Facebook group. I was immediately impressed by her knowledge, great energy and confidence. I had been trying to heal a very stubborn eye infection that somehow got stuck halfway in its healing process. Without hesitation I knew she was the right person who could help me release whatever was hindering my body from healing.

Since I am in a different time zone, my session was done long distance and would be received while sleeping. I woke up the next morning with a feeling of peace and relaxation I hadn’t felt in a long time, something was definitely gone from my system and for the first time in weeks I could see my eyes shifting again.
I am so grateful for her incredible work, my eyes are almost 100% healed and I keep seeing her regularly “peeling the onion” on my energy field. I feel calmer, happier, more energetic and expanded, I’ve now included my children in this journey!  This is an amazing and powerful healing modality and Sherryl is definitely the right person for it!
Maria V
Feb 2018

My daughter and I have seen Sherry several times for tuning fork sessions.  My daughter was detoxing from being on Prozac for 2 years for some anxiety.  The detox process was very difficult for her.  Sherry’s sessions definitely helped her body get rid of all of that negative energy.  Besides being extremely knowledgeable about all things healing, Sherry is a very gentle and nurturing soul.”
D. Venuto, 2017

I always feel like a different person after I am with Sherry. Her positive and caring nature make me feel safe to be able to relax and let the healing flow. I feel like I am awakening more after each Tuning Fork session!  Thank you Sherry!!
L. Gagne 2017

Yesterday, I had a fantastic tuning forks session with Sherryl Comeau via skype. I could feel sensations in my body as she was working on me especially when releasing. I am already feeling more grounded and stronger. I would definitely recommend her. I am so glad that Sensei introduced her to the group.
C. Powell

Hi everyone, on Christopher Witecki’s recent interview with Sherryl on his “Show & Tell”  about her Biometric Tuning services. Just wanted to say that after I saw the interview I was intrigued and booked an appointment for this past Monday. I was surprised by the effects. Initially, I did feel some of the “detox” symptoms but those subsided quickly and I feel great. Wanted to mention it here as I was amazed by the experience and the fact that I could feel the results, even with the session being done remotely.
K. Brown

Received a tuning fork session with Sherryl Comeau and would like to share…there is so much shifting going on for all of us but this session immediately ‘lifted’ something in me..
T. Berndt

Hi sisters & brothers, I had my 3rd session of tuning with Sherryl. Just want to let you know it was very grounding and peaceful. I took a 2hr nap afterward.. Being as old as I am I have a lot of garbage to release and I felt we accomplished quite a bit. Try it you will like it.  How old am I Born 4 days after Pearl Harbor.. that old.. Love, Light & Peace
H. Bruno

I truly enjoyed
R. Huff

I had a powerful experience from the Melchizedek Healing Method. Following the session, I felt renewed, clear and reconnected to the Divine love within my own heart. I have also found that I am connecting to nature and Mother Earth in new and profound ways. I would highly recommend a session!
M. Mariner


Upon entering I met a past acquaintance, Sherryl Comeau, who gave me a brochure and explained the powerful energizing effects that a crystal bowl meditation could provide. Needless to say, I have been hooked ever since. Following a session, my mood is lifted, energy soars, mind is clearer, and small nuisances no longer exist. It is a wonderful, relaxing, and powerfully revitalizing experience to give yourself.  I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to lift their personal vibration to the highest capacity.  E.Leavitt

Hi Sherryl, Thank you for this.  I appreciate your work very much!  I must admit I am surprised by how I have been feeling.  I went home that night and took a salt bath and went straight to bed.  Thursday, the day after, when I woke up, I had the sensation of energy circulating around my body.  Later, during the day, I felt spacey and had headaches of brief duration moving all around my head.  I feel lighter in my body and have lost some cravings for heavy and sweet foods.  The most amazing result is the intense pain, tingling and numbness in my left thigh was all gone.  Now a few days later, I would say it has crept back in about 15%.  I also periodically get pain/tension in my neck and shoulder on the right side which I recall feeling intensely when you worked my left knee (and thigh) area.  I feel like things are continuing to shift.
I went home and made notes right after our session and a bit more detail about impressions I was holding on to.  A couple things you mentioned have resonated very deeply with me.  Specifically the absent father which then turned into the absent husband.  This pattern feels very ancient to me.  My mother had an absent father.  She was also absent from my experience at key times in my life.  It felt she wasn’t able to support me because she was living from her own pain and memory.  I feel as though she recreated her upbringing in her marriage and family, and in many ways I have too.  I am concerned about releasing and healing this pattern for my sake and the sake of my children.
The session has definitely given me a push forward in my path.  I hope that it is taking me longer to feel good, because I have so much I am releasing, from so long ago.  I will definitely come back for another session or two.  Thanks again for your good care

No matter how many self help books you read and how much you intellectualize your stuck patterns, there is ultimately subconscious work to be done. Working with Sherryl was my first experience with Sound balancing. It was a powerful experience and just what I need to shift some deep seeded conditioned beliefs. Sherryl is very knowledgeable and she has certainly found her gift to share with the world.
B. Hale

I was privileged to be the recipient of a tuning fork healing as part of a demonstration for a workshop recently. It was a powerful and amazing experience. I was totally blown away by the accuracy of all the issues that still carried in my auric field. I was vibrating for hours after the session. Even my husband who tends to be a bit more skeptical was impressed. I highly recommend this to anyone. It has to be experienced. Both my husband and I plan to book full sessions in the future.
T. Langlois

I had the pleasure of experiencing a tuning fork session with Sherryl last May 2015.  I found the session to be very interesting and informative, Sherryl explained what she was doing and what she was finding, when I had never spoke of any of this to her before. I found myself feeling more calm as the session continued and feeling like a lot of energy not needed had left my space… inside and out…A few days after the session, Sherryl took the time to share with me her notes on the session and what she found needed clearing and work on….She explained in a way that very understandable for one who doesn’t know the lingo of tuning fork clearing sessions. Thank you so much for the session. Also I have had the experience of the healing detox foot bath last fall and found that to be very healing and refreshing as well…
P. Jones

I never knew there was such an adventure to experience.  Finding Sherryl’s site was purely by accident but for a reason!  Feeling out of place, lost and confused (not sure what to expect or if this would help) I made the call for a Clearing.  From the moment I spoke to Sherryl, to months later when she called just to check in, I felt at ease and found a new friend.  The actual experience was life altering in a positive way for me.  During the session and continued long after.  It gave me tools to go forward on my own til I could see her again.  My children, which did not even accompany me; 2 boys 13 & 15, sent me a message  while home 1 hour away, telling me they felt something weird was happening at home, while personally working with Sherryl.  I have recommended Sherryl to every person I know and will hopefully return soon.  A very pleasant atmosphere, professionalism but more than that friendly and personal.  Everything was tailored to me.  One thing I need to say is to keep an open mind.  I personally felt other presence in the room with my eyes closed, knowing Sherryl was the only physical person in there with me.  Sherryl allowed me to feel calm and accepting.  Thank you
M. Lord

I was referred to Sherryl by a friend and I am so glad I phoned her.  She did Remote Healing on me and I found the experience beyond wonderful. I highly recommend it to everyone.  Thank you Sherryl
T. Hermann

Sherryl’s energy work with her Tuning Forks and Crystal Bowls is truly uplifting. I have sat with Sherryl as she played her bowls on a few different occasions. I have also had her work her magic with the Tuning Forks. All sessions brought healing and a comforting connection to spirit. Melchizedek Remote healing group, for me, takes the healing work to a new level of connections and attunement. I try to sit with Sheryl often.
N. Smith

I have found great benefits and healing through Sherryl’s work. She truly is the human Tuning Fork because she tunes right into you, holding space and with the energy happening around you. Both In person and remotely, Sherryl does an excellent job. I enjoy and thank her for her work.
N. Tomassinni

My session in Sound Balancing with Sherryl’s Tuning Forks was absolutely magical and amazing.  Sherryl picked up on both physical and emotional blocks that were spot on. I must say that after the session I could feel a shift of energy throughout my body and mind.  I recommend Sherryl wholeheartedly to anyone with physical concerns as well as mental blockages. She is a healer bar none. Keep up your wonderful talent…
W. Packer

Hi Sherryl, I had no idea how much I thought about you (and coming back for a visit) until I got your email.   It is funny but I have been telling people “I don’t know what flipped but some switch did and now I handle work relationships so much differently than before, now I know why”.   The time and negative energy I spent being angry and upset with things that happened at work with the people I am involved and getting upset with those that haven’t changed.   I have and it has only been since my Tuning Fork sessions with you,  that’s really the only thing I can say that I did between then and now.  My mind and body are so much calmer and I can let things go, that before set me off. Since our last visit you suggested meditation, I am looking into transcendental meditation classes (but a bit expensive so am thinking seriously whether worth it or not).   I have been trying mediation focused on breathing and some guided, but not being consistent enough as of yet!
C. Hill

Sherryl This is a gentle, subtle healing modality.  Works wonders in no time.  Sherryl is really good at this!
A. Walker

Thank you, Sherryl! My visit with you at the World Hypnosis Day was amazing. I can’t believe how good I felt after the Tuning Forks Session and I took your advice on seeing my Chiropractor again. Saw her today – and I’m on my way.  Will be touching base with you real soon.
L. Plamondon

I was so impressed the very first time I met Sherryl – her positive energy and positive thoughts just flowed over to me. Check out her Energy Works Studio”
E. Barker

I’ve experienced Sherryl’s crystal bowl meditation twice. What an amazing experience! The first time I had no idea what to expect but I wanted to remain open to this new experience. I lay on the floor with my eyes closed and felt the vibrations of the bowls as you played. After some time I began seeing colorful images in my minds eye. One image even appeared to be in the form of a being of some sort. The sounds seemed to oscillate from one side of my head to the other, back and forth. The hour felt as if only fifteen minutes had passed and I left with a very peaceful, calm, centered feeling. Amazing!
F. Miller

Sherryl’s Chrystal Bowl Music can be felt instantly as high vibrating energy! When she is present at the Divine Vortex, the energy is palpable! The one time I meditated to her Chrystal Bowls, in a session after Development class, I came out of it relaxed, refreshed and energized. The feeling lasted for the rest of that day, and I love to meditate to her CD.  My only wish is that she would come out with another!
S. Jaynes

Sherryl is a master of the crystal bowls and the sound is perfect for meditation it is very transformational – I HIGHLY recommend her CD; however, in person is so wonderful.  Sherryl is a GEM!  ENJOY!

I came across one of Sherryl’s brochures in a small shop in Andover MA. I decided to call her on a whim and set up an appointment. After speaking with her for a few minutes, I knew she had a gentle soul and I wanted to make an appointment for some healing work. She was quite flexible with scheduling and even allowed me to bring my young puppy. Her studio in Haverhihll MA is beautiful and relaxing. Upon meeting Sherryl, she made me feel very comfortable and explained everything she does in a Reiki session. This was back in early 2012 and I ended up becoming a regular. Sherryl is an amazing individual and has expanded her practice to include tuning forks, which has become my personal favorite form of healing work to receive. I find Sherryl to be a gifted individual and I am very happy I decided to make that first phone call!
B. Raymond

Hello All – I just wanted to give a testimonial about Sherryl’s Crystal Bowl Meditation session. I had been reluctant to attend for quite some time and I had decided to attend to see what the big deal was. All I can say is WOW!!!!! If you haven’t tried it yet, it is a must try. You’ll either like or don’t like anything else. My experience was quite positive. I’ve never felt more energized and clear headed and completely focused from her session. I will definitely be attending to more of them.
C. Parker

Sherryl’s magic with the crystal bowls is palpable.  Each time I experience this meditation, there is a new take away.  The beautiful sounds of the bowls foster a deep healing and opening of closed areas in my body.  I float for days after an event.
M. Schalangen

As I was introduced to the Crystal Bowl Meditation, I have found another  venue to healing myself and centering myself.I found that it helped me clear my conscious mind of all the garbage, remove my ego and release pain in my hips.  The pain was my trauma center from early childhood traumatic incidents that I was carrying in my body.  As a result I have less pain and more freedom of mind and well-being.  My ability to move is more fluid.  I have found a new source of healing, as I continue my journey of life.  I am FOREVER grateful.
M. Groves

Sherryl’s crystal bowls transport, transcend and transform, are pure ultrasonic treats for me. So much so, besides regularly going to her group sessions, I have had Sherryl come to my own living room for a family love fest meditation where even our little dog joined and grooved to it.   As well as having Sherryl play her singing bowls softly, beautifully in the background for our gathering of over 50 people at a private function room in a local restaurant overlooking the Merrimack River.
Always divinely different, each and every time a delight to be, see, hear, feel, share, and ever enlightening, I am happy to attest that Sherryl’s crystal bowls are magnificent.  Relaxing, and refreshing meditations that you will want to frequent, as have I, and  even beyond the time spent with Sherryl and her bowls, you consciously experience and embrace infinite love as those vibrations within you clearly resonate thereafter more and more…
K. Galipeau

Beautiful, inspirational, professional and sure to move your energy in a positively charged flow. Just enough to bring you into a calm, balanced state.
C. Chang

To experience a session with Sherryl is to have heavenly moments. There is no way to describe the sensation as the bowl tones come right into your core being. My heart expands and I am instantly transported into a deep and colorful meditation.  I highly recommend sitting with Sherryl as she plays her bowls if you are having any trouble meditating. She will jump-start you to get you there. If you are a seasoned meditator know that you will go very deep as you immerse your self in these ancient tones.  My world is most blessed to have Sherryl as a part of it, I highly recommend sessions with Sherryl to all of my clients.  Thank You Sherryl!
J. Gadziala

I am so blessed and grateful to have Sherryl play the crystal bowls for us at the Divine Light Vortex sessions.  Sherryl’s expert performance abilities on the bowls help to create a higher vibrational frequency which provides a gentle, calming effect in which we can lose ourselves, worries and concerns and connect with our Divinity Within.  Along with having extensive knowledge of the crystal bowls, Sherryl plays the bowls with tenderness, sincerity and concern for all in attendance.  I always enjoy and receive great benefit from the profound meditative experience provided by Sherryl’s adept and intuitive playing of the crystal bowls. Thank you, Sherryl for your continuing dedication to providing the sound healing experience for us all Peace,
G. DeSimone

Sherryl is an amazing practitioner in the Healing Arts community! She is diversely trained and incorporates her studies into every treatment. Her offerings are very unique and reasonably priced! That makes it easy to find what works for you! Sherry is someone you feel you’ve known forever, even the very first day you meet! I highly recommend her services! Enjoy!!” Tod Dale
T. Dale

Sherryl is absolutely amazing!!! She is an extremely gifted Sound Healer filled with love and light!”
C. Burke

Bathed in light, surrounded by her family of crystal bowls waiting to ring out their healing sounds, Sherryl’s wisdom-filled hands guide each bowl gently ‘to life’, engaging and encouraging you to partake in creating your own unique, spiritually-soothing ritual.  The power of sound healing has been documented, but until you have ‘experienced’ an ethereal journey with the crystal bowls into your wounds of humanity, you cannot imagine the emotions and feelings that the crystal bowls evoke. Spend deserved time for you to simply ‘Be’ and let the sounds bring you to wellness.
C. Maloof

I cannot say enough about how wonderful and energized I feel after attending a crystal bowl meditation.  About two years ago, on a cold January day, I was on my way to get a facial.  Feeling rather sluggish as the winter blues were setting in, I thought to myself how this was the year for “ME” as I wanted to begin feeling the very best I could.  An avid exerciser already, I still needed more.  As I pulled into the parking lot I noticed a car next to me with the sign “Energy Works” on it. I chuckled to myself as I thought about what a “coincidence” it was that I was just contemplating my own low energy.  Upon entering I met a past acquaintance, Sherryl Comeau, who gave me a brochure and explained the powerful energizing effects that a crystal bowl meditation could provide. Needless to say, I have been hooked ever since. Following a session, my mood is lifted, energy soars, mind is clearer, and small nuisances no longer exist. It is a wonderful, relaxing, and powerfully revitalizing experience to give yourself.  I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to lift their personal vibration to the highest capacity.
E. Leavitt

Sherryl just sending you a message on my experience with a Tuning Fork session. This was my first so I was open to the new experience. I was feeling a lot of anxiety at the time and knew I needed something to help me release from within. The session was very calming and soothing but the real work was felt for a few days after the session. I was in such a deep calm place. I had no anxiety. my energy inside was finally at peace.. quite fulfilling for just one session ..amazing …..
F. Madore