Spirit of Nature with Sherryl Comeau

Spirit of Nature
1. Dawn-23:58

2. O Mani Mani-23:33

spiritnat_coverSherryl became interested in metaphysical studies and spiritual growth at a young age. She continued studies into her adult life and became a certified Reiki/Master and later an Ordained Minister into the Melchizedek Order of Healing, using sacred geometry. Through her years of continued research, she introduced Sound Vibration Energy Balancing using Tuning Forks, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. Sherryl believes happiness comes from within! People coming to a meditation event leave feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful!


About Sound Vibration Energy with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

This practice of meditation can be enormously helpful as a way of calming the mind, nervous system, relieving stress & anxiety. In this place of inner peace, we open up to our higher self, guides, and the Divine without the interference of ego or intellect. It brings about a positive shift in consciousness. Each bowl plays its own distinctive note. These magnificent tools are not only used for meditation, but also for clearing and healing the energy field in the system.

Recorded and Produced by EJ Ouellette at Whole Music.
Frankie Weeks on vocals in “Dawn.”
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Frankie appears courtesy of Whole Music.
EJ Ouellette on Acoustic guitar featured in “Dawn”and “O Mani Mani”
and Vocals on “O Mani Mani.”
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